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Learn to sing and jig together!!!!!

Welcome to Singamajigs, a fresh concept in children’s music.
Help your child to learn, sing and jig, with exciting new songs and many familiar favourites too.
Through this educational programme we hope to inspire young children and families to create a love for music.

Singamajigs enables families to share in music, to learn songs to enhance family life. To sing not just in the class but at home, whilst in the car or when shopping. Many families do not live in the same town or even the same county now. In years past families stayed in one town, with Grandparents being able to share in songs they had learnt as children and pass them down through the generations. Across the country many families now live in different areas due to various different reasons. So Singamajigs aims to bridge the gap teaching nursery rhymes and common songs as well as songs that are grown out of Singamajigs.


Welcome to Singamajigs, a fresh concept in children’s music


Come along and meet the jigging musicial family.


Help your child to learn, sing and jig, with  exciting new songs and many familiar favourites too.


Through this educational programme we hope to inspire young children to create a love for music.


The family of Singamajigs are taught on three levels with each level being a growing progression of the one before.

Baby Jigs 0-1s 

The Baby jigs beginning with their first notes in music, sat on their grown ups knee with the familiar voice of their carer. The 30 minute session gives a variety of activities and songs which you soon find you are bouncing along too. Using a parachute with fish and bubbles too to increase the stimulation and learning within the session.

Singamajigs 1-3s

Singamajigs continue to grow in their understanding as they are encouraged to play percussion instruments, learn new songs and follow movements. The jigging musicial family are very involved in these sessions to help encourage listening and social skills. With children encouraged to express themselves using puppets and ribbons.


Jiggy Jigs 3-5

Jiggy Jigs classes are designed to give independence and help to build confidence. Jiggy Jigs encourages children to stand on their own as this is a grown up free session.

This really enables your child to grow as they use instruments independently and safely whilst learning skills to equip them for school. Learn musical terms and phrases and equip the children with knowledge of instruments and the sounds they make.

Parents are encouraged to come and join their children at the end of the session to sing with them the song of the week. This is a step on to independent learning with the firm knowledge of growing in confidence and ability.

Who and Where it came from?


Singamajigs started in March 2006 out of a love for sharing music with our own children. We had realised that singing was increasingly important within our home environment. Singing songs had become second nature as a family as we took look trips in the car, or had unsettled children as we tried to push around the supermarket. I had grown up with my mother always singing and had known nothing different and thought everyone did the same. However it became evident as the boys entered school life that some children had never had that which we thought was so normal.

Singamajigs grew out of a love for sharing, with children and their parents. Community singing has decreased over the years, so is not naturally done. So Singmajigs hopes to pass on a love and knowledge of singing with this and the future generations. Children who sing from an early age, increase their listening, speech and reading skills. Why would you not want to pass this on?


Karen Allen, with the support of husband Richard and three children, developed  Singamajigs that has grown and grown. Wit out all the support of my family especially my husband being a mum in business would probably have meant I would have given up at the first hurdle, if it hadn’t been for the support of my husband, Richard saying go on you can do it!!!

After the birth of our third child, Oliver, we decided that jiggling three children, school holidays and nursery was going to be too much, and that I would take time out and gave in my notice as an Interior Designer and exchanged my hectic life of running round in the car dropping children at school and nursery to what I thought would be slightly quieter at home.

Whilst at home we did lots of Mummy and Baby activities, but for me there was still something missing.


Singamajigs has been born out of the joy of sharing music and songs with my own children whilst I was at home. We would make songs up as we walked down the street or on many an occasion as we walked around the supermarket and played at home.


Singamajigs first and for most was for my own children, they loved making lots of noise on whatever we could find, from jam jars to pots and pans. The kitchen floor could make a wonderful place to start a percussion time. Like many mums singing and dancing around the house was wonderful way to fill in those rainy afternoons. With the creative flair and the love for music and  singing we started to write songs and put ideas together.


Singamajigs now helps children and grown ups to express themselves through music. To help the child create a love for music, we are not trying to find our next Beethoven or standing there saying your child is better than mind. Each child that attends the group takes away something from it each week which can be carried forward in the years ahead.


Within a weekly session the children have time to express themselves, whether it is with instruments, singing, actions or dancing. The sessions are full of life and are very busy.


I feel really privileged as a person to be able to share in so many families’ lives. Singamajigs has become my extended family and we have been able to share in some very special moments in children’s lives.