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photo (4) It’s lovely to welcome new babies into our group too…today we met Freddie & Roman and welcomed them into Singamajigs, the next generation is growing, learning to sing and jig!

Why do we need to teach our child to Sing and Jig? Have you ever wondered? Nursery Rhymes and commonly know songs used to be past down from generation to generation. Traditionally families lived together in the same town or same area. Today because of jobs and family situations, Grandparents and Grandchildren may live further apart and not necessarily in the same county or even country.



Sometimes you might feel like to feel like you would like a little help in filling the gap…Singamajigs hopes to enable more parents and carers to share music with their children and to also pass on those Nursery Rhymes that in the past would have been so easily shared.

Today, Singamajigs is pleased to say within our classes we have both Mum’s and Dad’s, Grandparents and Carers….One Grandparent commented today she was so surprised that her Grandson had remember that we were singing about Shapes last term and when told he was off to Singamajigs today, they had a lovely chat about shaking eggs and the mystery bag.

We love to hear what your children are saying…..look forward to hearing more!