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This week Singamajigs celebrated its 7th Birthday!!!

I can hardly believe that Singamajigs has been going for seven years. When I first started teaching, Richard my husband said I’ll give you 6 months and you will be looking to do something else. Seven years later he has learnt to eat his words. With the business growing and sharing the love of music with over a hundred families in Harrogate itself!

Many of the babies that started with me in those early days are now singing and learning instruments in school. It’s lovely to bump into families in Harrogate from time to time and hear their news…many families who were with me in those early years have continued to bring their siblings as their families have grown.

Singamajigs has grown as our own family has grown….the mix of being a mum and running my own business, is a real joy! There is something to be said of being a small yorkshire business and I hoping that as Singamajigs grows it will not loose it’s roots.

We hope to see a few more years ahead and hope that Singamajigs will remain with it’s roots in Yorkshire whilst not been kept a Yorkshire secret….I’m looking forward to singing and sharing my love for music with the future generation…..

Keep singing everyone!!!