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 It’s lovely to welcome new babies into our group too…today we met Freddie & Roman and welcomed them into Singamajigs, the next generation is growing, learning to sing and jig! Why do we need to teach our child to Sing and Jig? Have you ever wondered? Nursery Rhymes and commonly know songs used to be […]

  Listening, learning and growing….moving into Spring, new sessions and new venues Singamajigs is always looking to move forward and to fit with the needs of the parents that come to our classes. So we have been listening to you, there has been various requests for afternoon classes and Wednesday classes…so we hope we have […]

  Why do we spend our time coming to sing with our children once a week? Is it a time to be together with your child, a time to share music together, a time in the week to meet new friends with similar aged children, a time to …..well I hope it’s for all these […]