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Baby Jigs 0-1s : The Baby jigs beginning with their first notes in music, sat on their grown ups knee with the familiar voice of their carer. The 30 minute session gives a variety of activities and songs which you soon find you are bouncing along too. Using a parachute with fish and bubbles too […]

Singamajigs 1-3s Singamajigs continue to grow in their understanding as they are encouraged to play percussion instruments, learn new songs and follow movements. The jigging musicial family are very involved in these sessions to help encourage listening and social skills. With children encouraged to express themselves using puppets and ribbons.

  Learn to sing and jig together!!!!! Welcome to Singamajigs, a fresh concept in children’s music. Help your child to learn, sing and jig, with exciting new songs and many familiar favourites too. Through this educational programme we hope to inspire young children and families to create a love for music. Singamajigs enables families to […]

  Who and Where it came from?       Singamajigs started in March 2006 out of a love for sharing music with our own children. We had realised that singing was increasingly important within our home environment. Singing songs had become second nature as a family as we took look trips in the car, […]

Jiggy Jigs 3-5 Jiggy Jigs classes are designed to give independence and help to build confidence. Jiggy Jigs encourages children to stand on their own as this is a grown up free session. This really enables your child to grow as they use instruments independently and safely whilst learning skills to equip them for school. […]